Amazonian Flesh 23

  • Speculative Fiction
  • platform economy
  • strike
  • new labour
  • logistics
  • AI
  • solidarity
  • distribution center
  • Speculative Fiction
  • Video Animation
  • Public

Amazonian Flesh is an immersive installation made of a mesh of bots, cables and digital artefacts. It provokes collective idleness: in intimate listening situations, visitors are motivated by familiar bots -responsible for automating work- to abandon wage labour forever, i.e. to hand it over completely to the technology.

The project reflects the new working conditions in the logistics industry and the digital economy. All movements and desires of workers and customers are continuously recorded, evaluated and optimised. The boundaries between bodies and digital infrastructures are blurring in an ever-changing matrix of value creation .

Will the bots and their artificial intelligence show solidarity with workers? Could such solidarity emerge as these digital agents look forward to the moment when they take over all human wage labour ? Amazonian Flesh embraces, seduces and endangers.


The Fully Automated Luxury Communist


The Striker


The Lazybot, The Womanist