Gold and Mercury

In this mater-confuenced exhibiton space, we invite the viewers to delve into the complex micro-sensory surrounding gold and mercury, immersing themselves in the poetc language where mater and myth are constantly connected and interrupted. We encourage the viewers to enter the enumeraton of molecular allegory, fowing into the interdependency with other enttes, engaging in the exchange of translocal experiences, and partcipatng in the alchemical transformaton of the elements, self-organized practces and cares. Listen to the sound of mater, spiral into the vortex of tme and space. A Project of Bio-Geo-Symbio Series Artsts: knowbotq (Yvonne Wilhelm, Christan Huebler) Concept: ZHANG Ga Curators: BI Xin, CAO Jiamin Producton: CAO Daxu Graphic Design: PAGE OF


Swiss Psychotropic Gold - the molecular refinery (chinese subtitles)


Curatorial Text

Bi Xin and Jiamin Cao
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