Genesis Machines - indigo farming

knowbotiq investigates with Genesis Machines, indigo farming a new form of agriculture provided by the US company Indigo. The company appropriates and capitalizes the Gaia thinking of the biologist Lynn Margulis. Instead of using pesticides, chemicals or genetic engineering they use micro biomes to improve the quality and skills of plants. Microbiomes form symbiosis and, in Indigo words, kind of “reprogram” them. Furthermore, such plants should thus be enabled to sequester more carbon and support methods to stop the climate change. The concept of Indigo includes geo-satellites and drones to surveil the agricultural fields and tries to install deep socialities between the company and the farmers. In a “pompous” setting knowbotiq assembles customary laboratory utensils and critically fabulates the creationism of such life science companies as a monstrous figuration. Genesis Machines over affirms the almost religious belief in the abstraction and fungibility of life.

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Video: Indigo Farming (sound by Odete, voice by Sally Schoenfeld)

Genesis Machines, indigo farming

Video: Xeno Reproduction, sound by Aio Frei

Xeno Reproduction

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Genesis Machines

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